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"You can be anything you want," They sang to me on my eighth birthday. You can be a doctor, a musician Or a happy astronaut. And I believed all that they said, And that night in my bed
I feel it in the pit of my stomach. I know the feeling quite well. It’s really good at festering And yields bitterness             Disinterest             Disdain             A little bit of hate
This is a small excerpt in the perspective of Elliot Rodger before he went on a killing spree.Reader discretion is advised. I took complete liberty in making up his perspective (so be warned).
Silence is golden. But talk is cheap. Does that mean the quiet are rich? And the social ones weak? Then why is it that society Places the price on the head Of the one with a smile And an empty head?
Can you hear it? The sound of them crying They want to be heard We all want to be heard
I am dead inside but when the beat of music hits me that is when I realize I'm alive and full of happiness
The sun burns bright above Birds singing all around Why are the happy?
16 years have gone by, and the words "You'll be lucky if you even make it to the end of the year," never seem to get old.  Support? Barely.  Friends? Few.  Family? Whenever they feel like being family. 
Living in  this world full of mystery  Can't take this pain anymore I'm tired of all this misery My blvck mind goin crazy  I don't know what has gotten into me
    To Those Who Cannot Speak –   Let it be known that I hear your voice, Through the wrinkles in your skin and the quick motions of your hands, Sound is not the only choice.  
Tread lightly, for the glass is fragile, and when it shatters, our feet will be shredded, like the pages of a journal, visciously torn out, when the author can no longer bear to read their words
This generation-we're underestimated. We sit, watch, take in, tweet, gram, filter, like, endlessly, uselessly! Endlessly the underestimate us, call us useless. But are they right? Should we be underestimated?  
I question if i am making the right decisions.. When i look into those tearfulled eyes My child I have walkd thro hell with you still growing in my womb.. but why is it now
Sometimes the walls around my heart     have a little crackOut the gray bricks     flow colors and feelings;
  She needs a person. She needs a person to tell her deepest secrets to, the ones from the heart.
There's an owl outside my window.The last place to
I met you when I was three You use to be special to me You became something like my number one You brightened my world, like the moon and the sun You were perfectly imperfect, and that was okay to me
Games of the heart are not easily won. Is there victory when the battle is done? Loss of blood will occur on both sides.
They say that love is a battlefield.So do you feel the beating of my heart every step you take in combatDoes the dust in the air create silhouettes of my face,Do you try to feel the embrace of my arms
I write to express my gratitude , To the one who sits high and look low
Words cant seem to explain it Such confusing emotions..
don’t wanna be your darling some fragile little puppet following your every command
I am no child I am an investment. I am no human I am a number. There is no love Only obligation. And beauty   is but a broken compass of the heart.  
The Hand of God
What makes me tick you say? Its the help I say. Financial help is what I crave Student loans are what I grave. 1000 dollars is a lot you see. it can help me pay off college for at least my bachelor's degree.
Sitting alone Knowing what I have done
Tell me something 
I want to hear —   like
is still here 
in our world 
with that tigress grin 
an infectious echo 
of character and grace
We are engraving in the young the way to survive. It may not appear that way to most but the human race has evolved Into benefitting himself in the most lustful and cruel ways.
Darling, when did the blurry claims manipulated youto focus on distorted idea of perfection?You started noticing the smallest flaws
Sickness, poverty, nations of the illUncured, losing the battle not at will   Nations crumbling beneath our feetNations tearing at the seams  
               I’m tired of playing this game that seems to go in circles.                 With me thinking I had gained the title I strived for.                 Level One.                 Level Two.
If you would just believe the way I feel for youThen you would understand the pain I'm going throughIt feels like shattered glass scraping across my skin
I have felt the burden she carries
This I Believe,
I've been hard at work since I graduated, I pay for my school, my rent, everything I've created.   I've kept up my GPA, joined a few clubs Traveled abroad, and avoided the pubs.  
In all my life I have always been the little sister The baby Not anymore Please stop saying that All I ever wanted was for someone to hear me I tell them I am no longer that girl
  It’s really quite pathetic
Rattling off words, i often find myself pondering why I let you in. I spark back at you any words that quickly   flow out of my my mouth... But why? What for? As if you came looking for me.
Fluency is not as easy as it seems, Rolling off the tongue gently and slowly, Spilling out of the mouth. Spewing out of the closed chops, onto a blank page.   Blanknes tends to tire the restless mind
I'm thankful for you mom You always say you love me You always make me calm And wipe my tears so I can see
When I look at you I forget the fears When I look at you I couldn't shed tears
You know when you love someone? And you would do virtually anything for them.
I was drunk with feelings Lost in words Thoughts escaped me With speech unheard Sentences unformed Letters not expressed Anything to keep you close And not put thoughts of you to rest
When the world is so loud and chaotic as it seems,
I would never explain the first moment I felt it and I could never reveal how it was the first conversation we had because even if I did admit it
Outside I'm good, inside I'm bad Loving the memories we never had; waiting and waiting for me and you throught that door you to come too.   Living my life, I want to be full
  Your hands are covered in frost
 You will never cherish what you have until it's no longer there,
The parade comes marching through the town Knocking on windows, tearing our black shrouds down Beating their drums in merciless rhythms, Only then do we notice the apparent schism.  
You are the forbidden fruit,The forbidden wordThat had me mute.My habits were absurd.You had me lieAnd owned my silence.I had to abideBecause you were the tyrant.
He’s finally coming to visit Everyone else seems cheerful I feel worried, more than anything After all, it has been two years    The day, finally here We meet We smile
We grew up and old like vines, growing along the same trellis our stories weaving together in a heap of curling photographs and triggering memories crossing back over the same twenty or thirty times we saved each other.
Listen to me! Listen to me! My childhood is gone--long gone, not lost but stolen.
Trying for the relationship I wanted, I copied my father’s moves and emotions. Genetics helped out, only a little. Father, What have I done to myself? Gripping, pulling, plucking, repeat--
Close your eyes dream Open your eyes live. A dream, it can be the start of a life long adventure. Some people dream and just let it be. Some people dream and set their dreams free.
I am not a poet, but I write to be heard. I write. I write with knowledge. I write with power. I write with conviction. I write to be free. I write to lose myself and time and the world.
A yellow bee sleeps sleeping on a red flower dreaming of honey   Haiku
  I write to be heard By the little corner mouse, Who sits sipping tea serenely in her trap.   I write to be heard By the angriest hornets,
Shattered. Like a piece of Mom’s good china set that never made it back, Back into the cabinet. Shattered into pieces, this hollow muscular organ lays In the pit of my stomach
  Red colors the back of my eye lids as warm rays beat down on my skin. The crisp tropical air hugs my body as I stare at the sun and can’t help myself as a smile slowly creeps onto my face.
I don’t want to be heard. I want to be listened to. What’s the sense if the listener doesn’t comprehend? Or want to comprehend I need to borrow a pair of well used ears
To be heard you must raise your voice. Let people know you are here. Have your voice reach its highest point. Let the people hear what you've got to say. Never stay quiet. It lets them know you are small.
There's quite a lot I'd like to say, but I keep it in my mind, 'cause it would hurt someone: maybe you, maybe me. But this is a harmless platform, so I'll let them out (my words). First.
This is for my hero, the one who gave me a life and a purpose to fullfill. This is for my hero, the one who saw me when everyone else  was blind. This is for my hero , the one who overlooked my sin and saw me for who I once was.
Threw it all when You lost it all Threw the cause you find a way Just to let us know and say I'm with you today And when you are beaten down  You get right back up  When you try You never give up
I have heard it before, how men do not notice eyebrows, that they do not care for plump lips weighed down  in red lipstick. They say that china-glazed eyes belonging to a dumb bunny
Beauty is in the eyes of the beholders , Not in the eyes of the negative talkers. Try to avoid those people for they are walkers , Walkers among valley of death , negativity. The world is filled with aggressivity ,
I don't know where to startOr where this will goBut there is so much that you need to knowThree years have gone byNot a damn word from youA hello, how are you, I hate you...What is a "daughter" to do?
At first you feel numbYour heart will feel frozen
My wounds have been reopened, the blood of life draining from my battle ridden corpse. My emotions more drained than an empty bottle of juice. My life fading as I see my captor standing at the threshold.
  Like day time In the dead of nigh The goodness of the world Shining so bright   So strong you can hardly see So powerful You can hardly breathe   Leading the way
  Good communication is when one understands   And gives feedback to another.   Their feedback may be answered   Differently on ones sex or color.   Good communication should be 
  All I asked for was time. Time To mend the gaping hole in my back From where your knife groped its steely Finger from my hot, pale flesh, reaching to The open air. All I needed was Time.
"Around my way, you better beware. Cause once you locked in, you may never leave here. My city is the realest, killers are different leagues here. Every night bullets hit home runs, major league man.
Warm blood, beer bottles covering all corners of the street with red lipstick kisses from a girl’s pale lips. The streets reeked of despair, grief, the smell of dying flesh as each teen puffed a cigarette.
Do my eyes decieve me or they playing tricks with my mind?
There are moments in time when a sound hits your ear drums before your eyes reach the sight, and moments in time when your nostrils fill up a familiar fragrance before you catch sight of the body of which it lies upon.
  Throughout our lives we discover our idols
this is a moral lesson   (you would do well to listen)   what does that mean? none of us have the slightest clue.   (look it up) (I don’t want to) (I’m not an encyclopedia)
I have locked them up, far, far away,
I sit on my bed with the blinds half closed, wondering why ; the people of this world try to be so cold and crass. Don't they realize that life is a journey, that goes round and round , just like a clock that goes tick tock.
Am I invisible? Am I merely just thin air? Or am I a fool who has a fool inside my mind? A magician, a joker, a poker player, And everyone else. It is our job to have a different face for everyone we met.
I write for all the things I should have said and did not, To scorn you for all the hurt you caused me, And for solace, comfort, and peace.
I would say that writing is bleeding from the soul a release of ideas from the back of the mind an escape for oneself where judgment cannot take its toll. And this is true in some ways but
Love.  It comes in many forms. The love a parent has for their child. Instant. The love a dog has for its master. Unconditional. The love a sibling has for another. Growing.
Glimmering walls of Ice
your words, they stingjust like a razor blade upon my skinsinking deeper with each cut you slit  
we've all loved We've all lost But all can be found We'll all live We'll all die We'll always strive For better or worse To love and be loved We'll find whT was once lost is now found
The pain in the pit of my stomach made me die a little more inside I don’t deserve to be treated like this is what I’ve began to realize Too many chances turning into lies as I give them away
What gets me inspired? Damn, I don't really know. I guess this prompt has been really eye opening, though. I'm just sitting here with some writers block If I ever do anything creative I'll be in shock.
 We worked, long ,hard nights... diligently.
To be known in a world of lost souls, means nothing if you have no goals. When we walk outside of our comfort zone, we find that in the road to success you can be alone. With negativity comes a life of sorrow,
The life that we praise, what we call a perfect one, is not within reach,  but the life we call our own is just as desirable. 
The sound of shoes scuffing the floor echoed throughout the hallway.    A black hood encases her face, hiding her from the world.   She keeps her head down,
One word with so many meanings Haikus, sonnets, snaps, songs, freestyle More than just words or styles Self-expression Wanting to be heard
It is in nature and science that I find religion
to be Heard rip opEn the chest  And feel the emotions  Ripped from your lips hear Me, oh future, oh past hEar me, oh children born, old men dead Now is the time to act
Ashamed of the mouth, That appendage who never obeys my will Or rather destroys my will. Draw the lips apart Determined to tell a story But the oxygen kills my plan
I'm bisexual - not homosexual.   
This is What I Am. I write because I am. My words flow from my mind. To my fingertips To paper (Or a keyboard.) I write for good times Or bad. I write so I can Speak my mind
The outside of me is better than ever But the inside of me is shattered Shattered like glass To not let anyone see that I'm shattered, I start to play along Looking as happy as I can be
When I was little, An itty bitty child in an itty bitty house, My mother told me: “Now don’t you hate. “Hate is a strong word, a bad word. “Hate makes people weak. “Hate drives out love.”
It’s a competition One shot, two shot Three shot, four Drink all night Until you drop to the floor You think that it’s fun And you think that you’re cool But you wake the next morning
It's just another day together We talk
You see people still haven't grasped the fact that actions are louder than words that's why when they see these Instagram post then they believe them and Instagram said break up with
The man with the wrinkles
Lonely girl is so far up above the world. She orbits around, without an anchor to ground her.
To walk into your lightAn enchanting embrace of lo
When the tides change I'll be free to drown among my people in the ancient lands of nowhere nowhere you would go with a head upon my hat and feet upon my shoes it's time to go inside
If I could be heard,  I would say listen.    Listen to the lost voices  And to those who cannot catch their breath, The ones too terrified to scream,
i went to this party mom i remembered what u said you told me not to drink so i drank soad instead i know i did right thing mom i know your always right the pary is ending mom as everyone drove out of sight as i got in my car mom i knew i'd get h
We all return to dust at the end of the day. There are a limited number of words you can say. Once the time comes, you remain forever soundless.   Use the words you are given,
My thoughts are nothing but a rusty gate swaying in the winds, but my voice, my voice is power. My heart is simply opended, like a blossoming flower, for the world to enjoy.
I am in a constant state of unhappiness. In my unhappiness, the happiness is blotted out By a blank state of staring at something that should, but almost isn’t there
  No matter the form, color, or shape. Love is not defined through all the red tape. Who are we to tell another who they can and cannot love?
And still, my thoughts, they wander toward you   As I sit and contemplate lonely jazz poets and sulking homosexuals, free with themselves, but dying at the chains wrapped to their feet in a bubble perfection world  
  Envy the Blind
The sharp and the stabbingLike the shards of a broken bottleAnd its gleaming smoothnessLike the beads of a necklaceThey cut my stomach  liningLuminescent- like stolen stars
Those were “my girls”, Those were “my niggas”. I didn’t care about what no one said about me,
Stream of consciousness. A fill of void and mess.  Generalizing my distress in a field in which I won't digress. Yes, we are all in this world together.
She's got rock star style with that beauty queen flare. She has my full attention with just the flip of her hair. She's got a lot of class, I can't even deny.
Can you hear me? Because you act like you can't... That's why I stay angry and I rave and I rant.   Can you see me? Because you act like you don't... That's why this pain on my skin
My heart beats out of my chest as
It is my serenity My escape when reality is too much to bare. Freedom among that unexplainable And you are the guide.   You guided me here, To this vast wonderland of beauty.
Stand up and Fight. Everyone is always standing around talking about whats wrong, but no one wants to stand up and fight for what they know is right.
I’ve been thinking a lot lately – about you, and the way you broke us off. So abruptly, so easily. Like forgetting me was the simplest thing in the world.
My child’s name is not Disability He is perfect in my eyes Able to do anything Limits beyond the skies  
At the time when I was youngI saw life and thought it beautiful.Never once thinking of it in depth,Never once asking it of anything.As life grew around me, so did I
I'm too proud to cry in front of you.
Let's be like kids in the movies, making dreams in the backseat. Let's be like adults on TV, making love in taxis.
The lone days of summer that alters your attention to yourselfSummerThe days that will last for hours and create new memoriesSummerThe season on which you will learn how to say goodbye Summer
I remember the first time I met you so clearly. You spoke in different languages  in my ear to distract me as you put your tongue against mine, 
I’m afraid of myself I’m afraid that I will never succeed I’m afraid that my parents will be disappointed in my decisions I’m afraid that the world will not accept me for who I am  
As the tears rolled down her face, she thought she was all alone; No one to hug her, no one to tell her that she is loved. Her thoughts began to strengthen.
I speak with the intention to breathe a new life But the stale air is all that you swallow My words are a poison to self-induced ignorance Your mind is full and yet utterly hollow  
I'm the type of person to keep things to myself.
The flash of slaps and fists of rage will forever remain in scars 
you asked for a future . i gave you life
free freedom rings 
Disorder   I have ADHD And ADD And OCD And a,b,c,d,e,f,g,h,I,j,k,l,m,n,o,p,o,p,o,p, Oh my God I'm doing it again, That was so fun!
She was craving for love.  She wanted to be heard.  she wanted to be held at night  and showed off in the daylight.  She gave her life for him  and sold her soul for his love 
i look in the mirror and cry myself to sleep
He lives in his own world. I call it his Alternate Spatial Distortion or ASD. Some days he is a little farther into our world, Some days he is completely in his. I watch him as he closes his eyes and smiles,
  Words, my building block for creation, One word and you can end an entire nation.
Look above me and you will find An unfinished song forgotten over time The notes are perfect in my heart they will collide
Placid water, My reflection stands still. Though my thoughts in my head, And the emotions that i feel, Run rampant throughtout me, Beckoning tears to my eyes. But no longer will i suffer,
Some sounds are echoes Some are whispers Some demand to be heard and possess your mind Some just flow past you like a chill Some sounds hurt you from the inside out and make you want to crawl out of your skin
In my hands I hold    a photograph of you   and him standing    at the altar and I wonder   what    
He turned into everything he
vitality dims, the alluring grow grotesque, what is uplifting?
Humans on the move Always working restlessly Nature remains still
I was the kid on the curb  never thought my words would be heard. See I've been in a trap house since the age of 6 my uncle started sellin in 86' my cousin started pimpin in 99'
When I'm upset, I conceal I wish this wasn't real Wither away, let nobody know how you feel   So love sick I may be It hurts to feel, as you can see   I still have hope
Am I heard?
Bare feet running down the street Speak louder than the words shouted in the house
This is for all the kings without kingdoms, or queens without crowns. For the people without voices, crying out from the ground This is one voice, a tremulous note, Sustained by the wind and carried by hope
Two minds, one body. One heart for passions and ever-changing interests, And a brain to make him like everyone else, a hard copy.
Black, Darkness,Ugly words that I heard from the movies I watched about slavery, This is all I am this is all I will be just another ugly dumb black girl with nappy hair.
She sits and remembers all that has past The things that were said and every laugh She thinks about how she heard what they were saying But then she thinks about how she listened to her heart without betraying
I don’t know why,
Everyone wants to be heard,to tell their feelings and their hurt.But, yet they walk around silentwith feelings bottled up so hard like a bullet. 
I encompass the mind of a young woman A woman embarking on adventure Finding myself in a world of beliefs In a world of disbeliefs
Here in the healers castle the walls are high For inside is where his great loves reside Where in the walls They are being showered with affection And lavished with luxuries As there hearts slowly heal
You said you would always be there. You said you would never hurt me.  You said you would always protect me.  You said you would always be in my life, No matter what. You said you cared about me.
Three hundred thirty minutes A jaunt taken with no regards for today A moment of deep agony- As blissful fragments of our Memorable memories routinely recapitulate This ability to hold in the mind
Look me in the eye and talk me what you think Windows of one's soul deepen with pity How could this be? I am isolated with chains fiercely linked Friends of mine roam the city Why am I not out there?
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