The Silence Of Bullying


My wounds have been reopened, the blood of life draining from my battle ridden corpse.

My emotions more drained than an empty bottle of juice.

My life fading as I see my captor standing at the threshold.

I know I have a long battle scheduled with abuse and ridicule but I must push forward, harder than I've ever pushed before.

I'm being pushed to the limits emotionally and temperamentally.

On the outside the world thinks I'm fine, but on the inside I'm stressed and scared.

No suspects a thing but not everyone notices the subtleties in the enivornment.

My gift is a curse because it makes the vulnerable to the demons of my past.

It's also a blessing because it allows meaningful, healthy relationships to bloom as well as be a great person.

So if my captor decides to hurt me mentally again then it will prove that no matter how long wounds have healed, there's always a chance of them coming undone once again.


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