A Plea From My Heart

If you would just believe the way I feel for you

Then you would understand the pain I'm going through

It feels like shattered glass scraping across my skin

It feels like an icy chill piercing through the wind

What can I say or do to make you comprehend that my love is true?

What else can I do?

So, I'm standing here saying this poem to you

Hoping you'll realize that someone else loves you too

In fact, He gave his life so you would'nt have to die

In order, to pay the debt for all the wrong you've done

Like the lies you told, the things you stole, and the people you killed with your haterful wors

The list goes on and on

But I will not ponder on what is left in the past but I'm asking you

Sincerely begging you to think about what I said

Hopefully you'll be gald

Into your heart you give permenant residence to the only one who can love you

In such a way that I


Can't even start to describe

The way he feels for you, the way he longs to affectionately BE with you

Not in a worldy way cause its a Godly thing

I'm seriously telling you

You won't even be ashamed to tell the world how your life has been changed

Everything starts to seem orderly re-arranged

You feel so brand new

Want to dance and sing and give God everything

Now, I've told you how to be free

Will you stay bound in between

I curiously wonder what your choice will be

Because today just might be the last day that

You have

To even



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