City In Flames


"Around my way, you better beware.

Cause once you locked in, you may never leave here.

My city is the realest, killers are different leagues here.

Every night bullets hit home runs, major league man.

Don't drown, blood pools is pretty deep here..

Mama like , Why my baby ? It had to be him ?"

Body dead, cold like the streets man.

City of fakers and haters, just a hungry brother tryin' to make it.

Hope these words pay a debt my birth created.

I write from the soul, hope y'all appreciate it.

Rhymes is levitatin' most high from my Creator.

City as my witness, biggest sickness and inspiration.

Fli City stay red hot, bodies stay droppin.

Every which way bullets stay poppin'.

My City's in Flames, how the hell do I stop the fire ?"


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