Castle Of Glass


Glimmering walls of Ice

So majestic and sparkling

It reflects the shadows

That pass silently through its halls.

A place for the needy and hungry,

It provides a safe comfort as a home.

So delicate that it might fall.

Each shadow is a crack in its fragility.

For some its a place to hide

Reflecting on their own lives in the Ice.

Others are too afraid to see the truth.

All the lies and hate make the glass

Crimson and Raven Black with darkness.

Denial and guilt often patrol here.

The mirrored walls speak the truth

With silvery tongues that speak not.

The sheltered glass absorbs the evil

And shows new beginning waiting to happen.

A broad horizon with glass pieces of

Peachy and orange colors spreading avast.

A delight to the eyes and to the heart.

A new path forming its way

Out of the Castle of Glass

And into Life's dreams and hopes.


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