"I'm okay"

Fri, 08/08/2014 - 20:28 -- Kasey23
Words cant seem to explain it
Such confusing emotions..
I can't contain it
So wanted by the devil but my heart belongs to God.
All alone I sit here and nod to the voices in my head
Images of him stripping me down to the last thread 
I was dead 
Enough said.
Left with no hope, Chest so tight I choke
From the words that scream to be released
Torn from this "lovely" world
No more do I function the way I should
I cry myself to sleep as shadows lurk and creep 
I close my eyes and dream of better ways I could've some how changed those painful days
Flames for eyes, Ice for skin I'm nothing but a walking sin
Searching for myself as the hounds do
Lost in a world that is not my own
So terrified I cry for home 
What if I never wake up, Never wake up 
In God I trust
As the heat from the blade burns through my arms
Thoughts of harm
Scatter my brain Healing the PAIN
I open my eyes and simply say
I'm okay.
Yea I'm okay !
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