Love Is Love


No matter the form, color, or shape.

Love is not defined through all the red tape.

Who are we to tell another who they can and cannot love?

All while disguising the prejudice as decisions from above.


We judge so harshly the things we cannot comprehend.

The blind bigotry and intolerance needs to come to an end.

How would you feel if starting tomorrow,

Society neglected your worries and sorrow?


It’s simply wrong to disregard what they feel.

Who are we to judge if their love is real?

It’s only frowned upon if a girl desires her brother.

But it’s absolutely illegal for two men or women to love one another.


We readily accept all that we’re seeing,

But cannot fathom love between all human beings.

Whether it is white, black, gay, or all of the above,

The fact of the matter is that love is still love.



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