There's So Much


There's quite a lot I'd like to say, but I keep it in my mind, 'cause it would hurt someone: maybe you, maybe me.

But this is a harmless platform, so I'll let them out (my words).


They say every emotion has its roots in fear or love, so I guess this one's fear. I'm afraid of being rejected, unwanted, uncaredabout. But while I was focused on acting like a wave in the sea, and letting you steer the ship, I gave you plenty of ammo to fire away at my fears. We'll see if you do.


This one comes from love. I have such a protective love for you. But you drive me INSANE. How can one person evoke emotions from each side of the spectrum? The thing is, I know in the future I'll see my belligerence, but right now all I see is you in my face. Your love for me is overwhelming and also comforting in times of need. I'm lucky to have someone who makes me crazy.

I won't go on. I always feel like I talk too much. Everyone has feelings, woop-dee-doo.

P.S. I like learning and am excited about college. Ha






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