You see people still haven't grasped the fact that actions are louder than words that's why when they see these Instagram post then they believe them and Instagram said break up with your man or girl so then they leave em. And then they posting a post that says I miss you, I'm sorry, when the loves real you keep them. But nobody wants to be kept everybody wants dates love and to have sex but that one post said you don't need to have a title to do that. So hmm the men run with it baby I don't love her I love you plus we ain't in a relationship so why you tripping? You lost your right to trip but you owe yourself a vacation because you gave yourself to somebody who isn't man enough to take it but INSTAGRAM says you never leave your main for a side so you put your faith in that but hunny this isn't KFC Instagram wouldn't take your order so now you sad posting that these niggas ain't shit you can do it on your own never fall in love cause they leave you all alone. BUT NEVER HAS INSTAGRAM SAID THE SIDE EFFECTS OF BELIEVING THIS POST ARE ....


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