I never tried to fight the fact that I missed you.
I just tried to accept that our greatness was lost, 
Lost inside this maze of pride that I'm guilty of creating.
I should've fought for you,
I only had to fight myself,
I'm sorry I was weak. 
I've never been the type to apologize. 
But then again things were never typical with us 
I asked you out on my knees, my face in your lap, and tears in your eyes.
Towards the end,
 the man you fell in love with,
was he still there?
I still think about those days in your grandparents house
Your kisses were intoxicating that night.
I think I'm still drunk from the thought of you.
And this heartbreak hangover is too much to bear.
Even though you no longer lay your head on my chest, I still feel this weight on my heart.
Love is war,
My sadness is my only battle scar, 
 it shows the battle I lost to your kindness. 
The place in my heart where you no longer are is the place I will sit,
And wait for you...


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