Untitled (All I Asked For)


All I asked for was time. Time

To mend the gaping hole in my back

From where your knife groped its steely

Finger from my hot, pale flesh, reaching to

The open air. All I needed was


And you gave me that—not much—

But it had to be enough.


In that time my eagerness was hungry,

As a lion stirs in his den, but eagerness

Always seems to court


And all I asked for was time.


So to mend the wounds of

Deceit, I came to you, bowing

In staggered humility—humility

I didn’t have. But you in your ever

Kindness found the strength to


Me. When all I asked for was time.


But now, here we are,

Months down the frozen road

And somehow time and deceit still

Protrudes from my flesh

And now your own.



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