Little Rock


Three hundred thirty minutes

A jaunt taken with no regards for today

A moment of deep agony-

As blissful fragments of our

Memorable memories routinely recapitulate

This ability to hold in the mind

Deep cherishable serenities

When perceptibility never acquaints solidity

The truth- as factual information muffles

What we share... shared... are sharing

Under beguilement painted with deception

A treasured kiss from hands that routinely touch another

And I love- the hardest truth of them all

I love boundlessly

And I dream, I hope, and then I awake

I remain startled, reminded what I am not and confirmed all that I am

I trail uncouth behind your many words

I see truth in all your fables

I plummet lunging at the pictorial of an us- this coalesce

But we are not together

Although my mind plays us in pairs

Although our togetherness slips your lips

Although we are seen together

Although we work well together

We laugh together

And share with each other our very last bite of benevolence

A whispered "I love you" from a mountain top

How dare you show me love only to retract your rook?

I tried to refrain from telling you

But it compelled me, I couldn't contain it

The very thought of it consumed me and I love you just came out

But you already knew; as I do you

If it is not so then you are the best charlatan

I'm just trying to make sense of the many oceanic waves of your white knight, dear Cancer

Whom I hope to embrace gracefully offering a resting area along my bosom

I'm expecting this white king that stands before me to move three spaces

I am looking for an impossible task





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