Survival of the Fittest

We are engraving in the young the way to survive.

It may not appear that way to most but the human race has evolved

Into benefitting himself in the most lustful and cruel ways.

Look at Mussolini and Hitler,

Both were charismatic leaders that were a force to be reckoned with!

They gathered and fooled their nations to commit their biddings;

One wanted a dominant Aryan Race and the other wanted to gain what was once theirs.

We are teaching and reinforcing this concept to this very day

People are losing compassion, and becoming greedy monsters

They were once human until they were devoured by the sins of mankind

We have become a race that puts ourselves first rather than others.

We compare ourselves to one another and our goals are to be the only top dog

As we claw our way to the top we lose our humanity, the thing that separates us from animals

Rather we are the animals that we try so desperately to distance ourselves from.

There are no words

In the end Charles Darwin and Herbert Spencer were right

The dominant figure with the genetic capabilities will be able to

Spread their genes and alter the genetic pool in a vastly significant way

At the current exponential rate the gene pool is soiled

Homo homini lupus

Man is wolf to man and compassion is a genetic disposition .



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