Once a lost girl; now she's found.

Mon, 06/09/2014 - 10:49 -- CoolAER

As the tears rolled down her face, she thought she was all alone;

No one to hug her, no one to tell her that she is loved.

Her thoughts began to strengthen.

Captivating her, controlling her.

She began to scream to God,

Begging him to just take her away from this cruel, cruel world.

“Why did you let all of this happen to me? God, I know I’m not good enough for your love.”

She dropped to her knees; ready to give up,

Ready to take her own life.

When out of nowhere she felt uncontrollable warmth surrounding her;

As if large welcoming arms were pulling her into a loving hug.

And then she heard it...

The words she’s been waiting to hear…

“You, my child, are beautiful, and I am the only father you need. I sent my only son to die for YOU.  I love you, and you will never be alone.”

In that moment, she was filled with a sense of relief that she has never felt before.

She began to cry, but this time with a new meaning.

She felt as if the pain of her childhood was lifted, and now she has been set free.

With God, anything is possible.


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