But You will see


We reminisce to each other
about future goals.
My “Friends”
I tell them what I want to be.
They sit an laugh
and I say,
But you will see.
Hopefully when I make it they will be surprised.
I’ve worked so hard and in my eyes
I’m a winner.
But in their eyes what am I?
They laugh because it seems impossible to do ,
impossible to become,
and hard to be.
But nothing is impossible , anything can happen once you put your mind to it.
They never listen.
It's like the only thing they think  you could ever be is
a cashier , or a waiter , or even worse.
But no ,
not me. They put those little stories in my head
that I don't pay attention to.
They say it's impossible you can't be…
And I say
but you will see.



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