On What Inspires Me

What gets me inspired?

Damn, I don't really know.

I guess this prompt has been really eye opening, though.

I'm just sitting here with some writers block

If I ever do anything creative I'll be in shock.

What do you wake up for? 

When you're lying there in bed.

That's what I can't think of

it's just not popping in my head. 

I wake up and go to school,

it's such a drag.

Then i catch the bus home

with ten pounds of books in my bag.

I trudge upstairs without saying "hey" to my dad,

not telling him how school was,

even if it was bad.

This all seems so cheesy,

but who ever said reflecting on your life was gonna be easy?

I wrote the beginning of this poem a little over two years in the past,

its really funny how I actually thought those feelings would last.

But now I'm out of high school,

I'm coming out of my cacoon, 

I now know what inspires me,

and I'll be able to pursue it soon.


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