Before I Die

This I Believe,

Let no fear overcome your heart.

Carry pain as if you’re carrying a ticking clock.

Just long enough to save yourself and all that you love,

Then stop.

Let it be known my arms have always been open.

For those who needed someone to listen,

For someone to care,

For someone to keep their secrets secure,

I was here.

Everyone is hurting, everyone.

Now and days people break down under the brightest sun.

The dark only brings the knives, the guns

And lies come easy when we feel we can’t run.

But everyone hurts, everyone.

Yes, before I die I’ll broadcast my soul.

I’ve always been full of lack of control

Simply when it came to helping others.

Only a few words had to be spoken

And I would’ve been willing to be the source of your smile.

Why are people so scared?

Why are people so proud?

Not an age, nor color of skin, or difference in religion

Could keep me away from sharing my feelings.

So, before I die,

I pour these tears from my eyes

To show you that you’re not the only one who’s cried.

I put this gun to my chest

To show you that you’re not the only one who’s contemplated suicide.

I take these pills so I can rest

To show you that you’re not the only one dragging around stressed.

But even if I could never relate to your situation, this I believe.

I believe if not me, God is always listening.

If there is anything you like to release,

Let it be known that we all can finally exhale and just breathe.

Before I die,

I hope to change the way you look at life.

I’d like to show you that letting go is not such a bad sacrifice.

Don’t be the fool who kept their mouth shut.

If you have someone willing to make it all great,

That’ll be perfect remedy to take.

This I believe.


Jessica Thompson

This gave me shivers. Fantastic job.


Thanks very much.

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