Butterfly Face


every girls' room
United States

This one is for the girls who ever had it rough

The girls who devoted their entire life on the basis of a six letter word that is pretty.

For the girls who spent countless hours staring into a vacant glass that showed them only what they can’t be and not what they can be

But when I look in that mirror I see a girl

A single rose suffocating in a field filled with thorns and pricks;

Ready to stab you under one false move

A girl that spent every waking hour wondering if she can compete with all the other pretty girls their Coach bags dangling from their arms

When they walked they strut around as if they had an audience

As if they were the Halley's comet that only came every seventy six years and everyone stopped to stare and do nothing more

Their laughs that left a trace of an audible scent

Hanging in the air like the smell of rain after a cool autumn morning.

I see a girl in the mirror who sees herself as nothing but a slimy worm

stepping onto to the wet pavement only to be crushed again under the pressure of a Nike shoe  taking its daily morning stroll

A slimy worm that was...




But when I look in that mirror I see a girl

A girl more beautiful than you or I

A girl who had the courage to continue forward after being stepped on

Because no one knew that an ugly girl could change and blossom into something more powerful, more exquisite.

Like a butterfly.

Its wings soaring upwards where neither you or nor I could have ever reached

It was her beauty that stood out different from everyone elses

She didn't need Kate Middleton's Money or Victoria Beckham's Body

NO she didn't need anything.

Because her type of beautiful was unique.

The type of beauty you could see through her eyes or reflected on her soul


Because to me she was the only light that illuminated in a room full of nothing but darkness

Because she was more than just a front cover on a magazine.



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