My heart beats out of my chest as I walked down these familiar halls

I could feel the heavy, thick doubt pile up in my heart’s walls

The choices I’ve made are caught in my throat, threatening to expose

The fake mask I’ve always had in framed pictured on the hall walls that I posed for

Maybe I was slightly drunk off the thought of big dreaming that polluted my childhood

All the memories infested in the walls slipped through my delicate fingertips

I kept thinking about what ifs and I should, would, could

My palms begin to sweat from the red hot thoughts of judgement steaming in my mind

The college apparel on my bare skin felt safe to my young, naive mind

The voices I heard sent chills down my spine

I drew closer to the light of no return but I was mentally ready

After all, these were my kin

Rejoice boomed in my ears, for the college student was finally home

Maybe coming home was not so bad after all.


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