Throughout our lives we discover our idols

A person or thing that is greatly admired

And I have found mine in the eyes of a child


One who provides side splitting laughter and unconditional love

Who exhibits the strength that I have grown proud of


Facing yearly operations since ten days old

Smiling through a cleft lip and palette 

With her fate unforetold


Holding her head high through months of recuperation

And holding up mine without any hesitation


As I sit beside my sisters hospital bed

I realize I am not her rock now

But she is mine instead


She has taught me about courage and facing my fears

Now at 13 years old she sheds no tears

When I let go of her hand as they wheel her away.


Through her example I have learned to be accepting

Of myself, of this life, and of my many blessings


As I watch her grow into a beautiful soul

She is a constant reminder that we are in control


Of our attitudes, our choices, and what we achieve

Regardless of the adversity that we may have received











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