Don't Wanna Be Your Darling

don’t wanna be your darling 
some fragile little puppet 
following your every command
in a land so foreign to the sound of a voice


don’t wanna be your darling 
teenagers everywhere are just 
like me some louder out going 
outspoken than me but like me 
just the same teenagers everywhere 
carry my passion in their hearts 
my word on their tongues


don’t enhance yourself with my 
the sucking of my teeth 
against each other ain’t some 
rebellion against society 
it’s just stress 
get over it


Don’t beat me down 
your authority fantasy 
your power drunk, lusty
clipping me of my dreams


don’t wanna be your darling
your loving ain’t more 
than smothering instructions 
demanding. yelling
screaming, punishment 
cause my freedom is dead
to you


not you little girl 
sweet baby boy 
“yes ma’ma” “no sir”
five year old 
princess, prince forever 
stuck in your castle 
el bebe verses little chap 
vessel of internal compliance


don’t wanna be 
not your darling not your darling


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