Free Bird


Words, my building block for creation,

One word and you can end an entire nation.

'To be heard' what does that mean to you?

Well here's what it means to me.

A chance to inspire, and to set someone free.

And in opportunity for my words to be sent out and make the darkness flee.

When using my words it's important I don't use them to destroy,

Because they are not to be played with like some toy.

If I was to be heard there is just somethings I've have to release.

These words in my mouth ready to commence peace.

I don't want to be another power hungry fool.

I dont want to be heard so I have my own domain to rule.

But instead I want to say what others are afraid to speak.

I'm sure each word won't taste so sweet,

but I refuse to use caution,

something less this world needs.

Some one trying to "protect us" instead of speaking the truth.

They think our minds are like helpless youth.

I'm sick of people saying what others want to hear.

The words that should be said are hidden out of fear,

Words are alive they grow into action.

So be careful with saying words of satisfaction.

These words that are alive operate in a different realm.

Once released they don't float out like bubbles blown by a child.

But instead they go out as an army ready to attack.

Once said you can't take it back.

If you speak words of encouragemnt they defeat the depressed.

but words of despair go out and cause distress.

So you see when I get the chance 'to be heard'.

My words will soar out like a free bird.




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