She heard, but listened


She sits and remembers all that has past

The things that were said and every laugh

She thinks about how she heard what they were saying

But then she thinks about how she listened to her heart without betraying

She heard how they called her a slut and a whore

But she listened when he said that he loved her more

She heard the rumors that they said about her mom

But she listened to her heart and stayed calm

She heard when they snickered as she walked past

But she listened when the lord told her it wouldn’t last

She heard how they thought they were cool and so rough

But she listened to your head and decided to stay tough

She heard how they taunted and teased with names

But she listened as she let the fire die inside of her and put out the flames

She heard how they wanted to fight her and make her regret it

But she listened to her family when they told her it’s not a crime worth to commit

She heard herself cry all of those late nights

But she listened to her heart beat as she kept her spirits throughout the fights

She heard as her so called friends left her standing alone and laughed with them

But she listened to her sister as she told her that she were a gem

She heard as a demon tried to convince her it was time

But she listened to her heart and decided to keep up the climb

She really did hear all they had to say

But the fact that she listened gave her the strength to fight another day

She didn’t ignore all that she had heard

But instead she chose to listen to her heart and let it all just be blurred

You can do the same that she did

Just hear what they have to say

But listen with your heart and don’t let yourself stray

Maybe one day you will need to listen instead of hear

And that day will be a day for all to enjoy my dear


~ To hear and to Listen ~


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