Words Slip Away

Tue, 09/02/2014 - 00:00 -- Kaelyn

Sometimes the walls around my heart
     have a little crack
Out the gray bricks
     flow colors and feelings;

they attempt to explain the world around us
   to make sense of the hearts
   to make sense of my own heart.

They paint a picture, black and white,
    trying to tell you
 what I cannot;

That sometimes I need arms to hold me tight
      a voice to tell me to let it go

That sometimes I don't want to hurt you
      but that I lose control

That sometimes I do want to hurt you
     even if I lock the monster in

That sometimes my feelings do matter
     in a world that shuts me in.

They try to take a photo
     of the world
as it is; giving a scene

That shows you that we are flawed
     but thats ok

That points out the changes that we must make
      which we try to

That hasn't been cropped to show perfection
     rather the imperfections.

They hide, sometimes
     in a notebook locked away
     in a file buried in other files
But sometimes they slip out,

So my heart needn't be shut inside

So my feelings needn't be hidden away

So I can try

and venture out

and say hi, to say no, 

to make a difference in this world.


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