A Hopeless Soul

I have felt the burden she carries
As her eyes cast down.
It sits heavily upon her shoulders,
Sinking her feet into the ground.
She clenches her fists
Fighting the demons from within
They are stronger than she is,
Only familiar with sin.
A million years of suffering
Have stretched across her small face.
She wishes happiness was real,
A tangible place.
She reaches out her fragile hand
But trembles underneath the weight of the world.
How can she be perfect,
If she is only an ordinary girl.
She puts on the mask
To hide from her fears.
She puts on a smile
And wipes all her tears.
She looks for the light
That would guide her back home.
But darkness surrounds her,
She is trapped under its dome.
Her thoughts drown her
And swallow her whole.
She sinks deeper and deeper
The further she goes.
She is emotionally exhausted.
She cannot feel a single thing.
She floats around endlessly,
An empty sort of lingering.
I want her to know
That she is not alone.
She is the untouched queen
Who sits upon a throne.
She raises her voice
And wishes to be heard,
To go against the wind,
To fly along with birds.
To have her thoughts be proclaimed,
To have her soul be cleaned,
To have her cries be heard,
To have her face be seen.
I know how it feels
To be in her shoes
A recollection of memories,
Feelings long overdue.
I am looking at the mirror.
She is all I can see --
A hopeless soul,
A reflection of me.


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