Jeremiah 17:9

Games of the heart are not easily won.

Is there victory when the battle is done?

Loss of blood will occur on both sides.

The question is whether either can survive.


Often times the heart will befuddle the mind.

Things that are wrong can often seem kind.

The deceit of the heart is real and complete.

The heart does not care whom it mistreats.

When trusting your heart, you are often confused.

The heart will promise and you will be bruised.

We cannot explain why we feel what we feel.

But the heart will make sure we believe that it's real.

We will do things and say things we don't understand.

Fall into places no one else can.

The heart's one thought is to pleasure itself.

It has no thought of anyone else.

At first you can tell that the heart, it is wrong.

But will you see the truth as time goes on?

The heart has a way of making you blind.

Convincing you not to notice the time.

Eventually you do not even see.

Even if you wanted; you think you are free.

But the heart then has you under it's spell.

By that time things cannot end well.

The heart wants what it wants, and if you stand in it's way.

I promise you you will rue the day,

That you ever let your heart get what it wants.

It will stop at nothing to move to it's haunts.


When playing games of the heart, you can only get burned.

The heart can blind you to your very own words.

You will end up alone, in pain or afraid.

And likely someone else will also lose the game.

The heart has no problems going after your friends.

If it hurts you more, then that's what it demands.

It will bring you two close, a promise of joy.

While building a wall that if you destroy,

It will kill you for sure, you and your friend.

But then, if you leave it, it will kill you again.

The heart is a master of intense deceit.

You are the fool if you try and compete.

If you try and let your heart win some, and lose.

The heart will make sure it is not yours to choose.

No, it is better to stop once and for all.

To close off your heart before you can fall.


But should we keep our hearts wrapped in bricks?

It's true that then we won't suffer it's tricks.

But can we live with hearts made of stone?

Would we choose the risk if it meant we could know?

If it meant we could love, and know how to live.

If it meant there was a chance we would learn how to give.

So is it worth the risk of our hearts for our hearts.

Can we chance the pain for a chance to take part.

In this life that is full of emotions and love.

In this life that was given to us from above.

It seems there's no choice, we must take the risk.

For who wants to live buried in bricks?

So, guard your hearts, keep them in check.

But don't let your mind put a strain on your neck.

Be careful, yes, but don't be afraid.

Sometimes the love is worth all the pain.

Takes risks, be open, let your heart feel.

Just make sure you know what is fake and what's real.

And make sure your heart stays away from your friends.

You will be much happier then, in the end.

It's good to feel, it's good to love and to live.

Don't let life trample you with it's give.

Make sure you are not opposed to learn.

If you can't you'll be guilty when the courts adjourn.

Don't play games, and never ever cheat.

The heart is one opponent you will never beat.


Games of the heart are not easily won.

Wear your battle scars proudly when the battle's done.


Grant-Grey Porter Hawk Guda

Powerful expression! 

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