False Hope


United States
35° 44' 53.6748" N, 78° 33' 17.0208" W
United States
35° 44' 53.6748" N, 78° 33' 17.0208" W

Walk down that aisle, throw up your caps.

Smile, so relieved, while everyone claps.

You’ve done it.

You’ve made it.

The day is here…

but there’s always that voice whispering in your ear.


This is the end, not the beginning.

You thought, all these years, that you were winning?

You’ve been fooled.

You’re a sham.

Isn’t it plain to see?

You’re not half the person that you could be.


Decide your future, decide your fate.

Am I the father you’ve deemed so great?

Get good grades.

Study hard.

That’s all it takes for you to go far.


A day too late and one missed chance.

Watched my goals slip through my hands.

I’ve done it.

I’ve made it.

Or so I believed…

But I was a fool to feel so relieved.

I got good grades, I studied hard.

I performed on the stage and became a star.

I volunteered, I had success.

But these are nothing in the final test.


For when it comes to a new beginning,

a girl like me could never be winning.

Good grades and marks are not a part,

when you haven’t the money...

Even if you have heart.


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