The Works: feminism, women's rights, equality

Mon, 06/09/2014 - 01:13 -- hf94

I speak with the intention to breathe a new life

But the stale air is all that you swallow

My words are a poison to self-induced ignorance

Your mind is full and yet utterly hollow


My rights to you are not under threat

My emotions invalidate my every opinion

You hear what you wish and look past the rest

Leaving me “silent” to a world that won’t listen


I advocate justice; I advocate freedom

I advocate intensely for those left unheard

My words are my weapons to tear down the walls

My words are my power to challenge the world


Look in the mirror and stare at the truth

We are still fighting internal wars

Brothers and sisters on separate agendas

When what’s yours is mine, and mine is yours


Speaking out has become a danger

Social change, a social faux pas

This illusion of comfort won’t last forever

The tide will hit, it won't be long


It seems that you struggle with this simple idea

Maybe I’m not explaining it clearly

A crime against another is a crime against oneself

For we are ALL of humanity


So put down your shields of hatred

Let go your clubs of bigotry

Unchain your minds so tightly closed

And listen to simplicity:


Love another because they breathe

Fight together, not against

Put yourself inside their shoes

So internal wars are never hence


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