Fri, 06/06/2014 - 20:37 -- ethom


He turned into everything he promised to protect me from;

a monster

What began as love turned into obsession

Intimacy turned into intimidation

"I need you" turned into "I won't let you leave me'

Alone time turned into isolation

"I love you turned" into "I own you"

Hugs and kisses turned into bruises and black eyes

Trust turned into betrayal

Commitment turned into a life sentence

and the ring he gave me turned into unbreakable shackles.

Why dont you leave him?

Why do you stay?

The memories of what we used to be keep me here.

He wasnt always like this,

he wasnt always the monster he is today.

He used to be gentle

He used to be sweet

He used to be thoughtful

Until he wasn't






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