Bottoms Up

Fri, 06/13/2014 - 01:21 -- MeGras

It’s a competition

One shot, two shot

Three shot, four

Drink all night

Until you drop to the floor

You think that it’s fun

And you think that you’re cool

But you wake the next morning

And you feel like a fool

But next weekend isn’t different

No, it’s always the same

You drink for different reasons

It’s fascination, it’s a game

No matter how much you drink

It never heals the pain

Who you are is still inside you

As much as you try to drown it

But I guess shots are cheaper

Than a few trips to the psychologist

Watching you is painful

Because I’ve seen it all before

Slurred speech and sloppy movements

You’re out of control

And now I’m flashing back

To when I was just nine years old

Because you can beg an alcoholic

You can plead with them to stop

You can tell them that you love them

But it’ll never be enough

They just keep on drinking

Walking the road to an early grave

Not seeing the path of destruction

That has been left in their wake

So don’t tell me that I’m stupid

Don’t tell me that it’s strange

Don’t suggest I “loosen up and just have a drink”

Alcohol has been with me forever

Sometimes I feel as if it’s already in my veins

It’s been passed down through generations

But I don’t want to be the same

The lies it’s formed, the tears it’s caused

The way people behave

These are things you don’t know

So if you tell me it’s just one drink

Remember, it might have taken them

But I will not be its slave


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