Can you hear me?

Because you act like you can't...

That's why I stay angry

and I rave and I rant.


Can you see me?

Because you act like you don't...

That's why this pain on my skin

never has to be clothed.


Can you feel me?

Because I feel your every word...

Felt as sticks and stones,

I wish they would ONLY hurt...


Can you love me?

Because you act like it's a sin...

Your love is something I no longer crave

because it burns me from within...


Can you face me?

Because I'm everything you wanted to be.

I don't pretend I'm not imperfect

to create friendships only skin deep.


Am I still nothing?

A package deal with the rest?

I'm tired of being left out of 'Your Kids'

and unwanted at best...


I am not Voiceless.

I am myself, and that is enough!

I have another mom that wasn't afraid

of me growing up to be tough.







For the To Be Heard Scholarship Slam.

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