Alternate Spatial Distortion

He lives in his own world.

I call it his Alternate Spatial Distortion or ASD.

Some days he is a little farther into our world,

Some days he is completely in his.

I watch him as he closes his eyes and smiles,

His head moves up and down and in tiny circles, as if no one if looking.

Where is he? How far away?

I can reach out and touch him but he still isn't sitting here with me.

Some days it's difficult to be in our world,

He sits and cries because he can't fully get into it.

Some days it’s easy to be in our world,

He laughs and plays and teases.

I can see him in his world,

Like looking through a window. 

I can't get in and he can't get out,

But I can watch him struggle and watch him play.

Sometimes he come right up to the glass and looks back at me.

We sit and talk and laugh and play.

But he doesn't speak our language,

He has a different language in his world.

He learns to communicate through TV and movie quotes.

He goes to school in our world,

But he stays in a classroom for kids that are in the same world as him.

They tell us he will never live a normal life,

But I tell them it is because he doesn't live in our world.

Everyone wants to try to fix him,

But they don't understand that he isn't broken.

One day he will learn how to live in our world too,

But for not he is in his own little ASD called Autism Spectrum Disorder.





that was beautiful, just wanted to say that

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