Underestimated Generation


This generation-we're underestimated.

We sit, watch, take in, tweet, gram, filter, like, endlessly, uselessly!

Endlessly the underestimate us, call us useless.

But are they right? Should we be underestimated?


We've decided that being a consumer is better than being consumed by knowledge.

But knowledge builds, brings, conquers, unites, takes us to the next level.

But we'd rather level up on some game? What are we afraid of? Connection?

So eager to connect to the internet and disconnect from social interaction.


"But I'm awkward! I'm weird who would want to talk to me?"

I propose the internet makes us ashamed, discontent just to be.

To be who we are, to accept people are strange and that's ok.

Even the internet says be "do you" but we seldom, truly do.


"But we do." No we don't. We don't share, we don't open up. 

We hide behind computer screens saying anything we dare:

Because it hides us, cloaks and shields us from truly taking stake in those around us.

So we digress, devolve, divagate from all social interaction lacking any prowess.


We've begun to breed a lie that we're not strong, not courageous. 

Not talented, not pretty, not even clever, just judged and depressed.

I'm depressed looking at a generation that could surely be the greatest.

If we let the internet choke instead of gladly being swallowed and underestimated.


All the knowledge at our fingertips but content to sit behind the lines?

That's an insane notion and propose a change.

We should stop underestimating ourselves and buying into the games.

We should talk openly and honestly because someone has to feel the same.


If we want real collaboration then we have to be open and free.

We have to be who we are and do what we like without shame of who we want to be.

If we connected with eachother and turned off the computers for a while we'd see:

We're underestimated by others because we first underestimated each other.



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