The Second Monroe


Do my eyes decieve me or they playing tricks with my mind?

She looks so perfect, So pure, So divine!

The way her golden short blonde hair flows in the wind!

The way her body is shaped little curvy but yet thin!

(sniff Sniff) mmmm and the way she smells? Like red apples laying upon sweet cinnamon.

Has all the eyes upon her from every last gentlemen.

Her skin, Light and delicate as a peach.

and the way she talks....

Oh My Heaven speaks!

Her eyes remind me of Twinkle Brown Little Stars

Starring at them could take me from planet earth to planet mars.

And her fashion and styles is Unique and classy.

Even on her worst days she still looks flashy.

But this girl Reminds me of someone i know

someone i seen..

someone ive known before...

Yet it is the Goddess They Called her Marylin Monroe.

It is Her yet it is not maybe i should let it go.

But my name for this beauty is The Second Monroe....



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