Fame, fortune, or nothing at all.


To be known in a world of lost souls,

means nothing if you have no goals.

When we walk outside of our comfort zone,

we find that in the road to success you can be alone.

With negativity comes a life of sorrow,

but only if you wish to never see the morrow.

Whether you are known for your flaws or for your fortune,

when it comes time to depart from this earth, you cant take anything with you.

Whether it be heaven or hell,

you're either sorry or glad for the life you held.

So to live a life in world of lost souls,

it's not always the best choice to be greatly known.

For some may choose the life of fame,

and then when you're gone, some merely know your name.

However you choose your life to be,

be sure to enjoy it, even if others disagree.



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