love poem

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It is not fair That you make me despair   Did you ever realize How much I visualize   But all in vain As you will not see my pain   And why don't you talk
In the God's universe A law prevails Where one thing, is Held by another reigns   The sun controlls the planets And, The planets control life Animals prey eachother
Let's watch the horizon together, From this crumbling rooftop, we built ourselves on. Let our legs dangle over the breathing city disasters, let them swing back and forth, like a metronome-keeping rhythm. 
I was never good at playing these games Rolling the dice Going on dates Crossing my fingers and hoping for the best   I was never the master of board games Or video games Or games involving…. Me
If our story is over Let me be the first to write the endnote Let me be the first to close the cover To burn the pages where I scribbled your name in my dreams   And if the pages are burning
There was nothing mathematical about the way that I loved you There was nothing logical, or choreographed, or otherwise organized. My love for you is chaos Was chaos Chaos with a vengeance
Im tired of writing about love Pretending I understand it And all it’s complexity As if I have any success stories   The truth is I am still just as oblivious Just as dumbfounded by love
This is just another love poem Nothing too exciting Just a lost soul grasping to words To try and pull himself out of the dark Love? dark? Didn’t expect those words together? Or maybe you did
I spent my whole life looking two steps ahead in hopes that I might meet you sooner Mr. Alright The one to make me feel alright As if you were just beyond the next horizon Waiting around every turn
When I tell you I love you, Do not be taken aback by my sincerity Do not mistake the passion on my tongue for malice The fiery flick of a candle A forest fire in a distant dream
You know, You never really learned to accept a gift Whether it was a compliment Or wine Or tear drops on your couch And especially my heart You never could fathom my love It’s depth or viscosity
I could never write love poems til I met you. Could never describe how it felt to love To love as deeply as I do As I have I could never write love poems without them becoming tear drops on the paper
in the perfect world where nothing can hurt us, you did the right thing and gave me purpose. a reason to smile, laugh and someone to create with. another chance at your sweet love it sounds so amazing.
ill do anything it takes to get this love back on track. i hope you still think about me and wish we were wrapped. intertwined as one so youd never leave my side. but time got the best of me and you said goodbye.
A summer bloom-
I blame the stars For the first kiss you stole form me When your lip brushed against mine The birds were singing all night   Every moment with you fells like I'm living in a movie
i see you in the morning light, with silver eyes like the hanging moon i try to look away, but I’m drawn to you caught in some sort of morning light spell
Is it what it seems?
Here are my words for a lover true That one day you’ll hear and accept my tune For I have eyes only for you My lover yet to come.  
Fingers frozen to keys . I fall in love with hands . I care not for faces , breasts, genitalia All I need are your hands.
You cleaved me open And left my sun-bleached ribs Scattered Across the shores of our youth.   There, by the sea, I gathered sea glass with which to build my home –
When I take a silent step You would never see If i took a leap, id be free The drums would pop, the sirens violently wail and sail through the sand If i grasp the ground, it runs right through
do you think the three a.m. sky became jealous of us that night? do you  suppose that this is the  reason the constellations  drifted a little closer?   closer?    closer still?
Blood red lips kiss the mouths of stained glass bottles. Bottoms up, seal it shut with a cobblestone cork. It’s almost religious; it’s almost romantic
Save me for your best I'm here for the worst Save me from yourself  I'm here for the journey Save me for myself I'm here for your love I love with deep reason Stop making reasons
She seemed to carry an aura of excitement; that was my first impression of her. There was so much joy in her smile, each one just slightly different than the last, but there were secrets there too.
You are all the beautiful things in the world  
I tried to write you in a poem— I swear I did not lack the will! Yet all the same, my failed attempt Betrays a certain lack of skill.  
I remember your singing, my favorite sound When suddenly my heart started to pound Something different, something strange Was the reason for my mind's craze     It was you.    
Backstory/Commentary: This was written on May 5th, 2017,  right on the cusp of me diving into a relationship with my now ex,
Dearest executioner,   In our last correspondence You asked me “what I think” Of what? Of everything Of the assorted unfortunate occurrences That led me to this predicament.
You are the laugh of a baby My favorite song You are the feeling I get on Christmas morning The presents I open You are the warm hug from family However, you are not the acne on my face
The rush of your love is like a wave, And your touch is one that I always crave. I know inside I have to be brave, And think of the future we’re going to pave.   Every second I want to savor,
THINKING TO YOU IN STATISTICS CLASS         -        a love letter   I rearrange everything into orders                     When will the bouncing, 
Where are you my sweet man? The sun is in my eyes and the air nips at my collarbones.  Oh love, I miss this morning’s kiss.     
You needn't worry about your un-pretty words they make my heart leap anyways.  I see in your letters the shape of your soul I see your light-up smile, 
I am home in the feelingof your skin against minenestled under blanketsas we lay there, side by sideOur touch--
  hot cocoa lining our lips giggles abundant   huddled together alongside the fire while i steal longing glances at you
I wanted to write you into a love poem, But all I can conjure Is a picture of a girl crying off her mascara On a stoop in the south of Chicago,
A year ago,I would have done anything to make you stay.A year ago,I had it all in the palm of my handto have it all fall apart six months later.  
You were so keen on leavingso abruptly, tooI did not know how to recoverAnd so I wept, and wept, and weptwith the knowledge that I’ll never see you again.  
To wake up to the sound of my own broken heart that is the worst way to start the dayTo wake up thinking about how you leftmakes me want to drive a knife through my heartTo wake up not knowing the future of us
  Bring me Heaven, bring me HellYour love has gotten me trapped in a spellI am indeed the angel who fellThe Devil in my veins, the blood marks on my nailsIf I try to catch you, I’ll always fail.  
I wonder if we wish upon a starfor things to be different from the way they areWould it erase what has originally been written in the stars?  
Nobody dares travel these rough and rarely tread roads, but I follow them because I know where they lead. Deep in a forest overgrown with trees shrouded in darkness with rocks all about, but can you see?
She used my fire and burnt me to the ground. Everything was burning to ashes, nothing was ok everything was falling apart, and there was nobody, but then you pulled me out of the fire.
The cold air hits me when I wake up I am filled with a sinking feeling Like a rock being dropped into a lake I roll over fearing what awaits me on the opposite side of the bed
Roses are red, Violeta are blue. You probably already know this, But I really do love you. Oranges are orange, Bananas are yellow. You are quite the sweet And kind gentleman fellow.
Aching, Screaming, Pounding Pain, Spin my world and Split my brain.   It hurts, It mars,
Mother, she is light. She bounces off tin-foil lakes, soothing tides. She warms the back of my eyes every dawn. She is a sunspot amongst freckles and stars. She lets me look on beauty.
I look into his eyes and my heart skips a beat, he looks into mine searching, probing for a sign. A sign that maybe I like him too. He sees through my disabilities, to the person behind them.
Dear Gavin -   Because I love you, Life is more simple Everything planned for the long haul and I’m never looking back  
The world is so much rosier because I love you,  the sky is full of gorgeous colors and I don’t feel so lost Because I love you the world is in slow motion again. 
Tell me, Exactly when did you reach your peak?When did the light finally creep into your façade? Did I write this story true enough,Being I was the diary of your subconscious all along? I was created in the essence of your pursuit. You came true a
Your fingers trace my skin, like a pencil on a map. Slowing down over my edges, like a car on a mountain. I never know where your journey will take you. I just hope I am there to see it.
You can feel me Tugging at your chest Leading you on   You wish for me to leave You lose focus when I'm here You are blinded by me   You look at them And think of me
A need For a feeling  You cannot touch   An award  With the ultimate cost No refunds   What it should be Simple and sweet A fariytale   What it could be
The last step I took was forwards, then backwards that's like riding in a Benz and then pushing an Acura I always tell this sob story, they say don't chase after her
When I find someone who makes me feel the way my best friend does, I'll know. When my laughter feels like earthquakes forming in my body, When I enjoy this present reality, I'll know. 
She woke up the night before Hair as soft as silk Smooth curves nicely served just for you She put her destiny in your arms before Yet You treated her like a whore
I look at you and I cannot believe that you don't know can't feel my depth of love, cannot reach your hand inside my heart and pull yourself out. I wonder feverishly
  By, Zac Simons     Blushing his mind was suddenly buzzing With a rushing kind of thrumming thundering
I taught you how to love me and instead you took the information to use it for herThat's all I was for youA source on how to become better for someone elseIm a used book that got put back on the shelfEverything I ever showed you on how to love was
i just wanna write love songs about a specific person in mindinstead of just a conceptbecause concepts aren't warm or tangible Concepts don’t drive you home
I find myself stroking your cheek Before I even have the chance to speak I catch myself mid-stare Tangling my fingers in your hair I feel embarrassed, realizing To me your touch is tantalizing 
I wait for time to pass until time can stop again until I feel your sweet caress and your kiss - like sugar cane
Who is he? He's an endless vacation in a pinewood cabin He is what you feel glancing out of a window into the evergreen trees at dawn Or waking up with hope for the first time in a long while
Comfort Serendipity My pearl of joyful peace Safe is what I am  When I curl into his arms, his Heat feeling like wrapping your hands Around a mug filled with warm cider The way he smells...
Handmade by the divine Carefully deposited in time The moment we cross paths And can't leave the way we came. Will I ever be ready And how will I know? Somehow I'm lovesick
Why do I do such hurtful things.. My mind, body & soul are just in separate places I feel I'm not where I'm suppose to be
I'm glad I  found someone  else to spend my eyelash wishes on 
once again I am left with a bird for a heart - it's winter and the bird is stuck it calls for its mate it pecks at the bars   once again I am left with a bird for a heart -
Home is a warzone Find broken dreams and venom insults from lovers thrown Like ammunition. For years, fight merely for recognition. Live in deliberate malnutrition.
Charnanders are red. Squirtles are blue. If you were a Pokemon, I’d choose you. Your smile is stronger Than a Hyperbeam Like Jesse and James, We’d make the perfect team.
ACT I The thing that shaped my year?   Well…it was not a what,   or a when, or a where,   or even a why…   It was a who.   But who…was this who?
Bright light, lovely pale flesh, reflecting blue as the moonlight catches movement, as fingertips dance across flesh, hot and humid breath catching at the back of your throat,
Do you remember the late nights and the long days that led to our anger? How can we still be here? How can you still love me?
She writes sonnets with her kiss,  Shakespeare doesn't compare to her lips.  Beautiful love poems erupt from the warmth of her breath,  elaborate stories fly from the cage in her chest.
As I sleep... Life continues to happen My chest rises and falls to the rhythm of me breathing Although I sleep... my heart is awake
Up high in the trees, in the rustling leaves, Sits a tiny magpie, collecting gold. Bewitched by its gleam, and envied by thieves, It sits high on its nest of treasures old.  
The shadow of you lingersAround me.It mimics the feel of Your touch,Your warmth,Your lips. I teases me with memories that are better as memories. 
What if love is arbitrary, Does that make it any less real If my heart beats regardless of reason Do I have a reason to feel?   You could put a reason to my rhyme A new method given the time
"You have exposed me Of being deeply in love with you. More than your broad figure Your hazel eyes became windows You asked me silently to open them But this heart has already said, 'come in.'
Poetry is my sunshine My gateway to heaven I couldn't go a day without it Not ever cooncerned about if it rhymes My poetry speaks values It gives me a sense of importance Like I never have to wait
June 13, 2016 at 2:45 PM Meeting you Life was bittersweet I had fallen in love
March 17, 2016 at 6:40 AM Last night was the first time I had seen your smile in months
A heart of love is pure and kind. It knows no evil ways. It's jealous not, nor proud in mind. It's patience never fails.   A heart of love will suffer long And bear all peircing pain.
I've never been in love and I don't want to start now. And in honest when the thought crossed my mind I thought of you. Yet you thought of her, and I could never keep up with someone like her. 
and a love in  which i can love you,  is to always be deined -  for the dandelions  say i cannot wish for  it and the shooting stars  just pass me by.
I swear to you there’s stars in his eyes, bright Blue like an ocean never ending, begging You to jump in, tempting
We sit on the wave-licked shore, gazing at the blue until we don't know which is sea and which is sky. We know such closeness, the slow disappearing
Have you ever gone on a really long trip? Let’s say it’s a whole week staying in a hotel You packed your bag with everything you thought you needed But you get to where you’re going and you forget your favorite shoes
Your mind works in curious ways, like the sun only ever reaches it on the days when you let your guard down.Your optimism is much more rare lately.  
melody so sweet calling me softly like a siren luring to beauty so lightly loveliness yours i long to never part for i fear that would break my gentle heart  
We've all been asked time and time again, what would you bring if you were on a deserted island? Well to be honest, it's not practical, but I have only one thing. Or rather, one person. You. Yes, you know who you are.
I don't know where they came from, but when I look at you the cocoons in my chest cavity burst 
  Gazing into those oh so blue eyes I stood entranced, as I was paralyzed By the way she smiled The way she laughed
Waves do stand true to your heart, And its blue refraction, true to your eyes
This isn't a love poem because it was never you that I loved  
I met a boy on the outskirts of campus, playing a game of frisbee.   his eyes shined like oceans shimmering in the very depths of the beauty in  the place mermaids call home.  
How the touch of flesh can bring emotion
I don't know where are you,
A glance I suppose that...Somewhere in between the steady brown of your eyes,and the tethered beauty hidden by the chains of my dress
So, your eyes are brighter than the moon And your smile causes my hands to shake. So, you're a vast ocean, A special treasure, Hidden in a tidal wave of So- you're beautiful, and your skin shines like
I don't want a relationship where it's perfect I want a relationship that's worth it With special moments and little lumps I want something that gives me goosebumps I need a love, not plastic, but real
loving you is a cancer to my soul
A shadow of conches talks to me,
To Jon Stewart. Your hair has gone silver in recent years, currents of slick metal gracing backwards like a river, hinting to the yamaka you are known to wear at times
The space between our fingersis the color of your eyes at nightand my face when I notice.But also the first light of dawnand sticky, peach skin,the kind you pull with your teeth,
What kind of love are you? Are you Smooth rhythm and blues cool jazz sweet ballad melodies playing acoustic heartstrings  behind meditative soliloquys to an audience of one-kind of love?
I could write a thousand words And they would all be true. I could create a soliloquy And set it to a tune. I could scream from high, Compose it in the sky. Paint a picture dear and bright,
Detox from the deep talksWe would have on the docksWatching the ocean wave at usAs we walk-across the hands of the clock
If I said, “I love you,” will you be by my side? If I said, “Stay with me,” would you still be close by? As I get to know the true you, my heart starts to skip a beat.
Mi amor del sol, Es algo de dolor. Cuando la mira muy acerca No puedo ver, ni la alberca Pero sin ella, siento fría y sola Su risa tan bella, y sus ojos brillantes, Me dan tanta felicidad
Love is known to be deceptive.  The media puts it out as a beautiful thing.  Spending time with someone, only thinking about that person, giving your all to that person.. But it's SO MUCH MORE! 
His toes can dig into the sand at 10:00 PM on the beach, Feeling the cool sensation travel through gunshot arches in his feet That sit on the throne of his heels. And what a rough throne it is.
Pick me up I feel the changrin rise.
Baby you are a shooting star in my life Guiding me and my thoughts straight home like a lighthouse beckons lost ships to shore You spin round and round in the same old place
To know me is to love me Each and every day To know me is to love me In your own special way!
His eyes are unsettling, a deep brewing ocean. And the waves in them roll Over and over again in my mind like marbles against my fingers, His hair lay in knots but perfectly calculated knots
They say you spend your whole life rewriting the first poem you ever loved. With you, my dear, you were my first poem. I remember the way I said I loved you, I remember the way you shrugged. The way my heart was stolen.
I’m hollow without you, a lock with no key. You’re my canteen when I’m on a quest. Keyboards missing their keys is you without me.   In your absence life is flavorless, water without tea.
I turned around, and my eyes hit yours.
As i think of the girl of my dreams, my love flows like an endless stream, but because this girl does not know me, the stream is now dry and empty, for this world is so cruel and cold,
would you look at me, losing myself in every way i lost my Defenses to the one i thought i loved i lost my Will during the battle i fought inside i lost my Strength in the Madness of my own mind
The way he held me made me realize That perhaps I was capable of feeling something like love.  Not the sappy, uniformed kind; some raw, passionate almost illegal sort of love. When he looked at me,
Who is she That girl who is unfamiliar to me You say that you have evolved But the way I feel about you, it is a mystery that still has to be solved.    I am aware that some years have passed
I once went to the woods in seek of other things To find myself moving and being captivated by rings   As the day went on and I saw myself weep
  Love is such a simple word However the power behind it can put a person in a whirl I can never say I knew love Nor the powers it contained
I have known none to care in the way that you do. To love with passion and understanding, devoid of pride, ignorance and doubt.  I have known none to cause such pain and joy in tandem. A dichotomy of which I have come to be an addict.
    With a heart so fragile and delicate
Flower then I will be a Bee Comes to you everyday  Bird then I will be the wild 
I want to do more than just scratch the surface. I want to learn you, the whole you. I want to adore you for all your intangibles. I want to yearn for more of you. I don’t want to know what it’s like if I would have known you.
I dont know if I should cry, or just kill myself. But Im not going to talk like that, because Im not that crazy. But now that I think about it, killing myself dont sound sound to bad.
Living under terms & conditions in which we always ignore & click acceptTo just get through the compromise quickly & never take time to double check
I am from the southern part of Dayton, Ohio. I am from my dad and granddad because my dad has anger management And because my grandparents didn't want children, And when I was born I was real sensitive on the inside
You mean the world to me in so many ways I know its hard when we argue and fight for days I think about you constantly  I know it's sometimes hard to be with me  I want a future and build a family with you 
You tell me you love me, Yet you treat me like dirt. Everything is a game with You; and you play with my heart.   It gets me to wonder, It gets me to wonder.   The way we share smiles,
If I knew the sun wouldn’t come up tomorrowI’d call you and tell you I miss you;I would admit to all the times I should have just laid there in your arms.
Random thoughts role through my mind until i see your face, then all my fears and thoughts left behind are gone without a trace. I see it in your beautiful eyes that mesmerize me with every look,
You sat there with a Batman t-shirt and wandering eyes that never laid on mine But I didn’t mind Because you spoke when you had something to say And I spoke too much And that was okay because every
They loved on a deathbed. Rather,their love was that of a deathbed love.
You were always too much to fit intomy dollhouse dreams.I never asked for you to leaveyour shoes at the door,they didn’t seem right there
There are many nights I find myselfthinking about you.Missing you. But notin a longing fora connectionsort of way -not like I used to.
I wrote with my fingertips across his flesh toned skin with the permanent ink of my memory.Memorizing and underlining the important parts of him.Freckles speckled across the bridge of his nose,
Remember that September embrace where I dug my nails into your back and planted roots right into your ribcage? The oxygen you breathed was oxygen for me and kept my roots buried, kept my mood merry,
If I could I would serve the world on a platter for you to fill your never ending appetite. I would even put the universe on my back so it could be in arms reach for you.
If I could I would serve the world on a platter for you to fill your never ending appetite. I would even put the universe on my back so it could be in arms reach for you.
Hi you, Van this is. I love swimming, don’t you do. Also I love random stuff Like poem-ing while cooking Like screaming while tasting Cause it tastes so good Asian food, a healthy way.
Feeling a depth of despair inescapable, an entangled mindweb is my dwelling and my tongue tastes of bitter longing.
To my dearest of the night, Although we knew each other barely, My love for you is given such might, It gives me such pride to be with you verily.
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