What Kind Of Love Are You?

What kind of love are you?

Are you

Smooth rhythm and blues

cool jazz sweet ballad melodies

playing acoustic heartstrings 

behind meditative soliloquys to an audience

of one-kind of love?

are you bump-n-grind

babymaking brown sugar tastin

georgy porgy chasin 

down dangerous curves in the pale moonlight

with Usher and burning candles keeping us company

through the night-kind of love? 

Are you 

matching kicks and snapbacks

fresher than a new pack of Tic-Tacs

a walking boombox to my wordsmithing

head nodding to my tempo as we cruise

down the golden sunset bathed streets

nothing to lose as long as we have these beats

rhymes and life-kind of love? 

Are you 

musica caliente 

samba and salsa o'er my soul

like pouring lousiana hot 

in my sancocho 

because the best things in life 

have loads of spice 

Are you set fire to the rain 

incendiary hurricanes 

kind of love?

Are you intense and passionate

tempestuous but never too impetuous

turning the horizontal tango 

into a whirlwind salsa

leaving no bedsheet unwrinkled 

and no kitchen counter

bed table

or hardtop surface unconquered 

kind of love? 

Are you 10 times 

ten burning suns 

sending me into intergalactic shock 

at the mere thought of you and I...

never mind. 

What kind of love are you? 

It doesn't matter what you are

because you are elemental

you are one of a kind

you are mine. 


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