My Lover



With a heart so fragile and delicate

You'd think I just go out and break it for the hell of it 

But the truth is I am guarded

Under barbed wire and booby traps my heart has hardened

I thought a love like this would never come true

But then again I never predicted the day I met you

One by one my walls fell down 

Who knew love this big could come from such a small town 

Here's my heart, go ahead, take it 

I've never trusted someone so much not to break it 

It happened so quick, in the blink of an eye

Next thing I new emotions began to fly 

The feeling you give me is complete bliss

People spend lifetimes looking for this 

I want to share with you all the love I can give

Because your the reason my heart beats, my lover, the reason I live

-Alana Roepke






This is beautifuly written. It flows very well, and kept me interested. The ending is pretty powerful, and of corse, the rhyme scheme was kewl and on point. I love rhyming poems, that's my thing, but any way, I enjoyed reading it. 

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