Snap, Crackle, Stop

Living under terms & conditions in which we always ignore & click accept
To just get through the compromise quickly & never take time to double check
Then when things go wrong we point fingers in all directions seeing who to blame for all this mess
But every time you decide to play the blame game & lie, about the past that may change our lives, for the good of having the same name but I, lately begun to second guess
Why speak temporary words that only satisfy my views on giving you the opportunity to handle my emotions
If your actions will leave me in despair for what we begun to build on but it's been mesmerized by lack of devotion
You're unbounded by the thought of love & a comprise seems to be to big of a topic to even think to mention
But if you're not coalesced to the thought of being more as we progress into the future how are you so sure that someone else won't come around to show me some attention
You can't just take my words that state I'm here to stay as an excuse to sit on top of love & feel comfort
Cause at anytime a low blow can come & the actions that are exposed are like a tropical storm with a competition between lightning & thunder
This feeling, of being unloved, this feeling, of being desolate should be bottled up & casted away to the sea of forgetfulness
Never opened up like a message in a bottle with questions on why do you spend time on insecurity instead of trying & perfecting it
Instead of pic stitching my life & comparing it to the past life you've lived with dudes that left you mistreated
You should for once trust me & every word I dare to speak in front of your face are words I hope that you decide to believe in
But with the way we've lately been talking it's like our story is being perfected but perfection is still missing yet
Still missing the feeling of being together but this story is just a tragedy of Romeo without his Juliet
Or maybe it can be a story where we're finally together & we dance the night away like a replica of the beauty and the beast
But I feel as though that story has been shut tightly together that no one, not even you, can truly analyze the beauty that's in me
I'm no God, nor am I a superhero that's come to paint an image of seniority that has me labeled as perfect
Nor am I here to say that I'm the last eclipse that you experience but I'm here to prove that I am worth it
My attempt to bringing evidence to this case is evident so evident, that my hopes gets brought down leaving me so hopeless
Wish you knew what I was feeling, how I try to be revealing with these words that are appealing helping you to be believing that my love is flying freely but you seem to be repeating words that leave my nightmares dreaming & my tears that mark the seaming where you tore my heart with words deceiving every thought that now leaves me feeling worthless
Shedding tears won't comfort me, nor will it be the cure I'm seeking to tame this pain that reigns up in my chest
Neither will talking about this situation would help me forget this pain but I believe I can alleviate it, if only I confess
You're the charm to my life, you're the end to every rainbow my eyes have the opportunity to witness
You're the strength I need to speak these words that pumps your heart, taking it to different directions
You're an angel sent from above, so majestic & perfection will never come close to the description I have for you on my wish list
And only validating these words will make me feel the happiness & joy that you feel when you read these words of confession
My everyday prayer, is that I never lose you
My everyday wish, is to grow in affection
My everyday thought, is to avoid any confused clues
& my everyday hope is that this pain is just an inception


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