Lock Without A Key


I’m hollow without you, a lock with no key.
You’re my canteen when I’m on a quest.
Keyboards missing their keys is you without me.
In your absence life is flavorless, water without tea.
I would miss you like the heart in my chest.
Without you life is arbitrary, an algebra equation with no key.
My mind wanders into the future that I foresee
as your eyes trace the convex of my breasts.
You spin me around like a deadbolt turned with a key.
A prisoner with Stockholm, I don’t want to be free.
You poke fun at me, I say I hate you in dishonest jest.
Without you, life is driving a car with no keys.
You’re the reason I wake up, birds singing on key
I’m your prized pony, in whom you invest;
a car, house and a dog, you culturally complete me.
You, a lock that sat on a house in a tall tree
I, the key stuck in the drawer for lack of purpose
We were made for each other like lock was for key
and incomplete is only felt when you are without me.
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