We've all been asked time and time again, what would you bring if you were on a deserted island?

Well to be honest, it's not practical, but I have only one thing.

Or rather, one person.

You. Yes, you know who you are.


You who sings sweet melodies to me, you will be my songird, my radio.

You who holds me close at night, you will be my warmth.

You who listens and cares and understands, you will be my security, my sanity.


While you may be thinking 'this is stupid, this won't work, how will you protect yourself, how will you find what you need to survive, like food, water and shelter, how will you survive?', I'm not changing my answer, for you see, I have what I need.


You who finds the perfect words to say, you will inspire and drive me.

You who washes me clean with your acceptance, you will be my rainstorm.

You who loves me wholly, as I love you, you will be my home.

For my heart belongs to you, so where else would I find my shelter than where I'm safe and secure and warm and wanted and accepted and loved.


While  the odds, at first, look unlikely, survival on a deserted island in complete isolation, having you there would make my living worth living.

You are my shelter, you are my warmth, my happiness, my fight to survive, my hope, my liberation.

You are my heart.

You are everything I need.

When the water is rough we stand together, and I know

We can survive anything thrown our way.

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