A Poem for Juliet | From: Romeo

Tell me, Exactly when did you reach your peak?When did the light finally creep into your façade? Did I write this story true enough,Being I was the diary of your subconscious all along? I was created in the essence of your pursuit. You came true as real lovers ought to,Fled like a great lover does, andYou came back ––Whether in flesh or spirit, Like a real lover would. We are in fact not each other's first true love any longer,We're an endless love. When will the light crack,Where we can't stand to ponder any longer, and fall unbreakable again? I am the extension of your skin and the ear to all you quake; No earthquake,Heartbreak,Constant pain, orHurricane can break ––This is unconditional love. If ever the conditions decease, I want all that you want and to be the one to provide it,I'll eat my pride like desert for your security. You are the most flawed purity ––Always evolving,Predictably. My visions are in chase realistically to get you closer to me;Rightfully. I'll be your safe haven and grow more of your likeness in time. Just be mine,As it is divine. Give me all of you and I'll set you free,I'll help you dream,I'll help you achieve Just run your fingers through my mane,Ease my pain,Laugh for me again, and again. Complete my skin for real this time In this endless we have to make love that doesn't end, Until we're empty. I'll take it slow,Find where your demons hide and escort them from your soul. I'll build your confidence,Tear down your walls and decorate your mind.I understand, I am, Because you are mine.       

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