Falling in Love With a Poet



We pressed our bodies together

and danced in your parents’ kitchen

beneath the refrigerator light

until two in the morning.

You got tangled up in my metaphors

and our hands were woven together

like the book of poems

I wrote you last fall.

Kiss me, I said.

I want to set the world on fire

with our mouths and

I want the flame to

never burn out.

I spent nights

tracing words across your back

with shaking fingers

and my mornings writing you

love stories on coffee shop napkins.

You sucked the words from my bones

until my typewriter got dusty and

my pen’s ink dried up from the drought.

Break my heart, I said.

I need something to write about.




Very romantic and well written!


SNAP SNAP. This is everything I want and more in a poem and life.

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