I blame the stars

Tue, 04/28/2020 - 13:30 -- Bionda



I blame the stars

For the first kiss you stole form me

When your lip brushed against mine

The birds were singing all night


Every moment with you fells like I'm living in a movie

All the scene are so bright

And I'm afraid I'll wake up and

You won't be by my side


With each kiss you mend my broken heart

And with every compliment and perfect lie

I let my guard down

Craving for your words even more then before


You said that you fell nothing

And that was your biggest lie

Because when you looked at me

You smiled from your eyes


And now all I want to do

Is to chase sunsets with you,

Look at butterflies flapping their wings

And find unicorns in the hills


So I blamed the stars

For letting me fall for your deep blue eyes

And when my heart breaks again

Will you still be there to make it all go away ?

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