Bloodied Love

Close your eyes and hold out your hand

I want to give you something I hope you’ll understand

Stop crying you big baby

Open your eyes, then just maybe

You’ll see your hands are now blood red

It’s not a knife I don’t want you dead

In your hand I’ve place a rose

Keep holding it and watch it grow

I couldn’t give you petals the thorns are much stronger

The more thorns there are the stem can grow longer

The longer the stem on the flower grows

The more beautiful becomes the rose

That flower you hold represents our love

Unlike people think it’s not a young dove

Love can be painful, cruel and unkind

And yes, sometimes, it can also be blind

But real love looks far beyond the pain

And sees the beauty in this red rain

I gave you rose and with it my heart

They belonged to you right from the start

If you love me, give me one back

Or I’ll know you don’t from the flower I lack

I say with pain and with glee

Thank you my love for making my hands bleed


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