June 13, 2016 at 2:45 PM

Meeting you

Life was bittersweet

I had fallen in love

Before we even met

But once we did

The stories were true

The stories of you

And the way you were

And the way we fit perfectly

Lock and key


You had been born

With the key to my heart.

Upon our meeting

I understood

As to why

Loves before

Didn’t work

I had been waiting

Counting down the days

The minutes

The seconds

Until we met

You didn’t remember meeting me once before

I didn’t blame you

Because we were young

And there were different

Things running through our minds

Once you said hello

Your hand stretched out

Introducing the idea of trust          

Seemed all too similar

To the dreams of longing

I had once before.

You were the stranger

I had known

Inside my mind

Our love is similar

To the sun and the moon

The possibility of being one

Is impossible

We are on opposite ends of the spectrum

We are so close

And yet so far

We are compatible

In our similarities

And in our opposites

You radiate beauty

Within the words you speak

The warmth your touch gives

And the eyes that contained stars

And the world didn’t seem to make sense

Because how could stars exist within

The same person

Who is the sun

There was one chance

One moment

When the sun and the moon

Could exist within the same room

I was able to hold you

To touch you

To feel you

To love you openly

It was possible for us to exist together

Because I was the moon

And you turned into the stars

You guided me

Through the music of the night

Your hand in mine

Moved to arms around waist

Arms around neck

And I could feel your heart


Pumping the blood

That flows within your veins

You were the closest to perfection

The closest to happiness

That I have ever been

I didn’t think it was possible

I thought angels only existed in stories

The stories our parents

And our grandparents

Share in order to provide

Security and protection

Against the monsters under the bed

And inside the closet.

You were a special angel

One who existed

And kept me safe

From the demons

That live inside my head.

After our only chance

Of existing together

Side by side.

You disappeared

And ever since

Only night seemed to exist

You went into hiding

And I was left

Searching for you

Waiting for you to come back.

Months later

Which seemed like years.

The sun came back

But he wasn’t you

I don’t really know

Who you came back as

But now you fit perfectly

With someone else.

Maybe it was the way you looked

Like the sun

And I couldn’t tell the difference

From the beauty that you possess

But you are the clouds

And he is the rain

You two exist perfectly

Side by side

He has helped you

Form into the person

You were meant to be

The way you were truly born

You weren’t made for me

We weren’t destined to be together

God did not write our story

Because our story doesn’t exist

The story of you and him

Is now being published

Within every library

Photos plastered on billboards

You have become the advertisement

Of what love looks like

And what happiness looks like

We all exist together

But I am too busy

Being lost behind you

While you two are existing together




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