Restless soul

As i think of the girl of my dreams,

my love flows like an endless stream,

but because this girl does not know me,

the stream is now dry and empty,

for this world is so cruel and cold,

especially for my restless soul.


I fought the battle and now i've lost,

it was all in vain but i wish it were not,

my heart is shattered in a million shards,

to find the pieces you dont have to look far,

for this world is so vicious and bold,

especially on my restless soul,


My mind goes on about my dreams,

for they are not always what they seem,

the days get shorter and so do the years,

and i'm still trapped in never ending fear,

for this world is mysterious i'm told,

it gives no answers to my restless soul,


My time has come and i must leave,

heartbroken and sad it's the way it must be,

i leave behind my anguish and sorrows,

and move on to a brighter and happier tomorrow,

for this world is forgiving and old,

and also is my new revived soul.


-Joshua Yeager


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