Hidden Heart

What if love is arbitrary,

Does that make it any less real

If my heart beats regardless of reason

Do I have a reason to feel?


You could put a reason to my rhyme

A new method given the time

I used to be dull and now I shine

Is it because  my heart was never really mine?


Maybe if it beats a little louder

I could hear it in your chest

You bring out the best in me

My heart has no rest


In your hands you hold my world

In your eyes I see the sun

Beautiful rays of sunshine

Like fields of amber through which I want to run


Delicate hands hold me up

Strong hands keep me breathing

Smile like a beacon

Laugh that keeps me from leaving


Maybe I'm a fool

Ridiculous to have these feelings

But when your eyes shine while looking at me

Your voice keeps me reeling


I'm a sucker for love

I'm a fool for giving in

How I wish I could run away

In your heart I want to live


Pour my soul out

I lay it on the table

For a smile that’s infectious

And a love that is stable


One day I hope to see the heart

The one I've hidden in your chest

Beating all on it's own

I forgot that it ever left


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