Dear Gavin

Dear Gavin -


Because I love you,

Life is more simple

Everything planned for the long haul and I’m never looking back


Because I love you,

Your trust is most important thing to me

And I could never break that, it’d be a betrayal to myself


Because I love you?

You’re the shining light of my life

And everyday is made more special by your presence



Because you love me,

You go through so much

Making sure I am always taken care of


Because you love me,

You write paragraphs of your love

Building me a palace of it


Because you love me?

You’d never let me fall

And I’ll never fail you either




You’re the only one that I can think about

And I think about you everyday

I know you do too

It’s so amazing to know

That this is all so mutual


This? This is what love should be

I know that it’s true

Love should be this special

So caring, so kind

Love should be mutual

Loving, always keeping the other in mind


It’s not always perfect

There’s problems along the way

But because we love each other?

There’s communication

There’s teamwork

There’s a solution

And love only becomes stronger


After almost five years in love

I’m certain that this?

This is what love should be

Because I love you ❤


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