Jasmine Canyon

A summer bloom-

Fragrant jasmine wafting

heavily between us as

We are driving

up the canyon-

Tingling with desire,

A distant coyote howls,

I inhale deeply of

Air that is rare

and damp.

The moment

has arrived,


We dive into

each other’s bodies

and emerge as though

We had found infinity.

It must be. Aroused-

Dazed in a very good way-

floating just above

Sidewalks and heat-

all I can think about

is you…it is love-

all is my love-

I am positively


I am in love

With everything.

Big sigh….

My feet cannot touch

the ground-

As I listen to our songs-

we walk in Sting’s

Field’s of Gold-

and Mr. Jones and Me

When then was Now-

We could conquer the world-

It is the 1990s…

Driving up Verdugo canyon,

I am bursting

with love of everything

that is our summer-

Our summer of love.

It smelled of lilacs, gardenias-

Everything good

I had ever imagined-

Magic and the scent

Of night blooming jasmine.

It was a summer of

A summer of love.


Cheryl Hollander





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